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Cal. Lic. # 541789
C-20, C-24

P.O. Box 2671, Truckee, CA 96160

(530) 582-8403


Ric Grow Heating Repair Truckee

Ric Grow's Quality Service

I've been repairing heaters and servicing heaters for over 34 years and in my current business since 1988. With a wealth of experience repairing heaters in Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Donner Summit, I have the expertise to repair and maintain your heater.

Most 'No Heat' Calls Solved on First Visit

I carry a large supply of parts on my truck and can resolve most issues on the first heating repair visit.

Heating Repair Tip

Heating Repair Truckee

Most heating units built after 1995 have some type of diagnostic circuit board that controls the heater. Try to recover the fail code before you reset the unit. The circuit board is normally located in the blower compartment and is likely to have an eye piece that you can look through to see the flashing LED fail code. This code is a repeating pattern, e.g. 3 flashes, a pause, 3 flashes, a pause, etc. After you have recovered the fail code, turn the power off to the unit, wait 10 seconds and turn the power back on again. The heating unit will try to start again and most units will try several times. If your heater has a component failure, it will not start up. But if you're experiencing an intermittent problem, this may get your heat on until a technician can respond. Good luck!

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